This water bottle is amazing. For the first time in years I can actually drink 8 glasses a day! I'm hooked, my two girls are even using one everyday now and loving them.

Tracey. D - Australia

The best investment for my health ever! I train, play football, walk my dog and work out at the gym and take it with me everywhere. LOVE it so much!

Layla. R - Australia

I was so skeptical at first that I could drink that much water, but with the 8aday hydration bottle I surprised myself at how easy it was! My skin is glowing and I feel so good about myself, it's inspired me to tell everyone I know about it!

Erica. P - Australia

Love this bottle! I take it everywhere, it's perfect for my cup holder, the tracker is so awesome, I'm drinking more water than I ever have before!

Danielle. R - Australia

This bottle has been a massive game-changer for me. I used to find drinking water so boring but now I'm always meeting my hydration goals!

Nicola. P - Australia

Finally a water bottle designed to track what I'm drinking that works! I'm so happy, it's designed to take ice cubes. Now, I can hydrate right and I've always got ice cold water!

Vanessa. R- Australia


We bought 4 bottles and we looooooooooove them!!! There the best! Thank you for making these.

Louise. G - Australia

Eco Friendly

We believe in creating only the best quality products that are eco friendly for our bodies and the environment

Our bottles are made of Tritan Plastic - BPA Free, 100% leak & shatterproof, 1 Litre, light and reusable

Our eco-friendly, water bottles are revolutionising the way people stay hydrated.

Water bottles for a healthier you!

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